Thank you for your interest in MSA! We are currently hiring.
We are always looking for talented and skilled architects and urban planners.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities in MSA please send your CV / portfolio or cover letter to : ms@ms-a.be

MSA : place Eugène Flagey, n°7  1050 Bruxelles (B)

+32 (0)2 502 81 07


MSA is a study and design office in the fields of urban planning, architecture, public spaces and technical structures.

With time, MSA has acquired a knowledge in all scales of projects: from the micro-intervention to masterplanning. Within the field of urbanism, MSA carries out studies and considerations upstream of the conventional architectural practice. On the other hand, its experience in building and understanding architecture and complexe structures confers to urbanism, credibility and rationality. This acquired knowledge aims to open the instituted practices to the benefit of new visions and methodologies, leading to more integrated and sustainable urbanism and architecture.


Simon Bidal, Mathilde Habousha, Moujan Mahdian, Benoit Moritz, Mathilde Robinot, Alain Simon, Jean-Marc Simon, Thomas Vandenweghe

Nicolas De Moor, Annabelle Hoffait, Ines Leuger, Camille Gardien, Julien Deloffre, Anthony Gaschard, Olivia Adamska, Fabian Antosch, Celine Campion, Julie Collet, Denis Coppin, Dao Doan, Sylvie Duchenne, Pierre Escobar, Jean Garcin, Karolina Grudzien, Géraldine Lacasse, Benedicte Herr, Amandine Lambert, Pauline Lefebvre, Maximilien Leruste, Sarah Levy, Quentin Nicolaï, Laurie Nève, Valentin Piret, Luc Pécourt, Nuria Ribas, Denis Toubeau, Yannick Vanhaelen, Ivan Vander Seypen, Louis Ville.


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Serge Brison, Maxime Delvaux, Alain Trellu, Saskia Vanderstichele

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